IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announced that Caledonian Modular, the UK’s leading offsite building solution provider, will implement IFS Applications™ 10 to automate mission-critical processes and provide greater operational visibility.

IFS Applications

Caledonian Modular takes traditionally constructed buildings and applies offsite volumetric manufacturing techniques to drive efficiencies. Operating from its 40-acre manufacturing and head office site in the East Midlands, Caledonian Modular has the largest single-site volumetric manufacturing capability in the UK offsite building industry. To facilitate business growth and connect its people and processes to a modern digital backbone, the offsite manufacturer required an enterprise application suite that could be specifically geared for the issues and challenges faced by offsite construction.

Caledonian Modular selected IFS Applications 10 as its enterprise application suite as it is capable of supporting both project manufacturing and construction on the same platform. IFS Applications 10 will enable Caledonian Modular to view all business data from a centralized location for monitoring and analysis, facilitating greater business intelligence and informing new processes and innovation efforts. As of early 2019, IFS Applications 10 will be used throughout the business from first contact with customers to estimating, planning, production, shipping, and after care. The suite will also be used to manage all suppliers and contractors, and to manage current employees and sub-contract workforces.

Commenting on the investment in IFS Applications 10, Richard Paul, CFO of Caledonian Modular, said, “The implementation of IFS is part of a wider process of improving operations, supply chain, and control at Caledonian, and adds to our capabilities as a leading offsite constructor in the UK, capable of delivering large turn-key projects to bespoke client requirements, with all the quality, engineering, cost and lead time benefits volumetric manufacturing and finishing can deliver. Caledonian is facing a significant upturn in future work, which IFS will help gear the business to deliver efficiently and cost-effectively”.

Importantly, the implementation of IFS Applications 10 will provide Caledonian Modular with greater visibility of its purchasing requirements, to improve scheduling of materials into the Factory and reduce overall spend, and to provide much greater visibility of contract profitability.

Kenny Ingram, IFS Global Industry Director, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure, added, “From an IT perspective, the implementation will allow Caledonian Modular to migrate away from multiple systems and spreadsheets running the business to a single system, with a single view, which will be available all of the time. This will save hours of time and remove any doubt that the business might have about conflicting data.”

Ingram continued, “A shortfall in social housing, in addition to a requirement for new schools, hospitals and other public-sector facilities to serve a growing population, have resulted in unprecedented levels of demand for offsite construction in the UK. Caledonian Modular is leading the way in delivering UK offsite manufacturing offerings, and IFS is delighted to be able to support its ability to provide quality products in high quantity under tight deadlines.”

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